Sunday, July 5, 2009

Continued from the earlier post.....

It was almost 1.5 hrs drive from our stay and Bhagamandala. When the River Cauvery flows downhill, it is joined by two more tributaries - Kanake and Sujyoti. The spot where all three converge is called Bhagamandala. From here, it flows through, supplying water to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and then ends in the Bay of Bengal.

The intersection of the rivers looks like a small Pond and the water just reaches you knees. There is a temple nearby dedicated to Bhagandeswara (Lord Siva). The area was occupied by Tipu Sultan during 1785-1790 and renamed Bhagamandala to Afesalabad. Then in 1790 King Dodda Vira Rajendra took Bhagamandala back into an independent Kodagu(local name for Coorg).

We stayed just for 15 minutes, took some photographs and set out to Talacauvery which is at a distance of 8 Kilometres from Bhagamandala.

Talacauvery is the Birth Place of the river Cauvery, which is on a hill. Its a dangerous Ghat Road to the top. On one side you have a dense forest and on the other, you have the hill. There is always danger of Landslides during rainy season.You reach the top and wow… its a view that no one can forget. You are above the forest and you can see the clouds moving among the hills… The Sun glowing at its best and there is a chill in the air. Its best experienced personally.

There is a small pond and on the other side of it, there is a small pit from which the Cauvery River spawns of of nowhere.. There is an idol of Goddess Cauvery near the pit. The water flows through the hill down and reaches places like Bhagamandala and some beautiful waterfalls.

There are some temples of Lord Ganesha and Siva which are built in Kerala Style structures… You can find this kind of architecture in Bhagamandala. After we had the darshan of Goddess Cauvery, we moved further to the Bramhagiri Hill.. To reach the top of the hill, there are exactly 365 steps. Man!! It was very tiresome specially to me because of my body weight…


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