Monday, June 22, 2009
Coorg was my first trip after i shifted to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Its one of the places where nature can be seen at its best. The trip to Coorg district not only encompasses a view of the nature at its best, but also takes you to the life of rural Karnataka.

Even though travelled to Coorg twice, i still remember the first time and the memories still linger. It was the first trip of mine and also it was with my colleagues. We were 12 of us.....

Our plan was to start at 11.00 PM and reach Madikere by 5.30 AM. We got together, went to a bar and boozed , probably to feel what's in store ahead.

As planned, we started at 11.00 PM… You actually do not feel the winter cold in Bangalore, but once you leave the city then the chill starts. That's what happened that day… It was chilling winter and we stopped on the way to have some more drinks just to lessen the cold.We reached Madikere by 5.30 the next day. The house that we stayed in was inside a Coffee Estate and you need to travel at least 10 kilometres to buy even a chocolate.

Man! It was a chilly morning….. We changed and started off to explore the estate.. It was coffee everywhere. Had a good morning walk… We returned after an hour and bathed.. Some dared to bathe in the nearby stream… The water should have been so cold that even me, who was standing beside felt the chill….

Here i must mention the location of the house. We stayed on an elevated area and there were big paddy fields down the hill… It was one of the most beautiful locations and we had an opportunity to watch the sun rise over the nearby hills… It was wonderful….

After bath, we were served breakfast with local cuisine… Rice Balls….with Chicken(not my stuff) and Chutney. Very delicious….

After breakfast, we started off to our first destination, Bhagamandala.

To be continued…….