Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elephant’s Stable: This magnificent 15th century, domed and long rectangular structure, built in the Indo- Islamic style of architecture, is considered to be the stable for the State elephants. Facing west, it has eleven large domed chambers interconnected with large arched openings. TDSC01118here are shallow niches and doorways in the walls between the arches. The remnants of a structure near the central dome suggest a pillared pavilion on the top.

The domes are of various types, such as, circular octagonal, ribbed and fluted in design, and are symmetrically laid out. There are remnants of ornate stucco and plaster ornamentation, on both exterior and interior, which was part of the architecture and design of the building.

Every alternate dome is built in either Hindu or Islamic architecture. Even the ceiling in every dome is of a different design DSC01162within. The opening of an enclosure is big enough to let an adult elephant comfortably go in.

The elephants would be tied in icon chains, one end attached to the ceiling to a hook and the other to the elephant’s leg. The iron hooks to which the chains were suspended are still intact in some of the domes. It is said that the chains are preserved to this day and are currently in the upper level of the stable. There is a doorway to the upper level which is not accessible to the public.

The structures in the ZaDSC01122nana enclosure clearly shows the religious tolerance among  the kings of Vijayanagar. It is said that places of worship of all religions were constructed at every busy street and even a high religious tolerance was prevalent among the people.

The Guards’ Quarters: This rectangular building facing south is a simple yet strong one which is considered as the quarters for the guards who protected the Zanana enclosure. The usage of this quarters was just minimal, probably just for resting. A long corridor runs through inside where there is enough space for a man to lie down. It is currently a small open air museum with some sculptures inside. The prominent of those are the Nagini and the deer hunting sequence.

From here, we move to an important place and it is rare that someone visits it.


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