Monday, October 24, 2011

DSC01110This is one of the very different temples that we come across in the Hassan District. Even though this was constructed during the Hoysala rule, it does not follow the normal Hoysala standards of architecture.

Arsikere, a prosperous commercial hub of Karnataka on Bangalore-Shimoga road has its own place in history from time immemorial. It derives its name from a large water tank built in 11 century AD by Mahadevi, queen of Hoysala King Ereyanga. It was also the birthplace of Umadevi, queen of Ballala II. SeverDSC01116al inscriptions recognize the place as Sarvagnapuri, Jayagonda Ballalapura, and Vira Vijaya Ballalapura etc.

I visited this temple at noon time and there were not many visitors fearing the hot sun. This is a simple Ekakuta temple with a round rangamantapa at one end. The rangamantapa is extremely beautiful and supported with 8 pillars and its 16-point star structure. The pillars are sculpted with intricate decorations and the as you see, there are 24 elephant figures under the porch which is kind of a unique Hoysala architecture which is not found in other temples.

The ceiling of the DSC01122rangamantapa is designed as a three step towards the inside with spikes at regular intervals and turret forms at around below it. The rangamantapa is connected to a pillared mantapa with two entrances guarded by elephants and there are two shrines inside in front of each entrance. Both the shrines contain Siva Lingas and Nandi in front. There is an inscription in Kannada language on one of the panels between the two shrines. The ceiling of this mantapa is almost plan except for a lotus design in the middle.  Now DSC01134lets talk a little bit about the external structure.

The vimana is of a five step structure with a kalasa on top. The lower part of the temple is symmetrically decorated with various godly idols and animal forms. Most of the idols have lost their charm due to the exposure to nature all these centuries. The faces are not at all clear, and can be recognized by the postures and weapons. There are a couple of other Kannada inscriptions and one of them is still in excellent condition. Interestingly one of the inscriptions has a Jaina Tirthankara on its slab, which is a result of increasing patronage of Hoysala rulers towards Jainism. This temple, apart from the unique rangamantapa, is kind of a plain structure and completed quickly.

I had nice lunch in Arsikere and moved on to the Kesava Temple in Haranahalli.



Deguide said...

This temple i liked it very much, even though it is located in a small complex, did you try Malekal Tirupathi.

Hari Narayana said...

@Deguide - I could not visit that place. Was unaware.

Team G Square said...

Our favorite hoysala temple seen till date .

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