Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Horse’s Stables are a series of square constructions which housed the hDSC01191orses of the king and his body guards. The basements are still existing and they clearly make us feel the kind of buildings that existed once. There are aqueducts that lead to the stables. There is a very long monolithic stone trough from which the horses of the King’s visitors used to drink water. This trough is not directly visible as we pass on the road, but it is behind a wall in front of the Horses’ stables.  There are some other unidentified buildings near the stables but we do not know much about them.

There is an Underground Chamber in this vicinity where the king used to have seDSC01057cret meetings. There are two entrances to it and each of it would have been guarded by multiple soldiers. The chamber is totally dark inside and there is a small room in the middle for 4 - 5 people to have secret meetings. This would have probably been used for the DSC01047King to meet important spies and for war meetings. Near the underground chamber, there is the a palace basement which would probably been of the King. 

There are aqueducts all through this area for water to reach the buildings and tanks within. Then there is the King’s Palace of which the basement is left out. Two elephant statues guard the entrance and as mentioned in one of the posts, they too bore the brunt of the invasion, trunks being cut off. There are numerous other building, but we exactly do not know their importance. We move on to two important monuments in the Royal Enclosure.


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