Monday, November 9, 2009

Monuments can be a very simple construction, but extremely beautiful due to their symmetrical construction. The Stepped Tank is one of theDSC01052 finest examples of this category. It is quite simple in construction, but looks wonderful due to the way the steps are arranged. It is a very large at the opening and gets narrow as we get down to the bottom. Its also dangerous as the steps are small and any slip from it will result in the person tumbling down to the bottom. There is ample security at the tank not to allow any person to step down. This tank must have been a special place to the King as it is placed in the center of the Royal Enclosure.

There is another monument which is near the stepped tank and very important because it witnessed the glory of the kingdom every day. It is the Mahanavami Dibba. This pyramidal, three tiereDSC01050 d stone platform, rising to a height of 8 mts, is located to the northeast of the Royal Enclosure. It was one of the most important ceremonial structures of royal use, built in granite, and subsequently encased in sculptured schist stone. It is dated to circa 16th century AD.

The terraced platform is nearly 35 sq. mts. and has an approach flights of steps on the East, West and South. The southern flight of steps has a sculptured balustrade that opens on the West. The western flight of steps are located almost in the center of the platform, and the two eastern flights of steps have a common chamber, which opens on the East. Each tier of the platform has sculpted mouldings in the typical Vijayanagara style or architecture. The lower tier has low relief sculptural friezes depicting the socio-cultural activities of the time.

The extant pillar bases in the center of the platform indicate the pDSC02979resence of a pavilion. There are references to the use of the platform by the royal family, for important festivals like Mahanavami, by Abdul Razak and Domingo Paes, visitors to this Vijayanagara city, in 1520 AD. and 1442-43 AD., respectively.

Domingo Paes, who visited the Vijayanagara Kingdom during the reign of Sri Krishnadevaraya described the Mahanavami Dibba and the three day Dussera celebrations held here. The pavilion on the platform used to be decorated with Silk curtains and beautiful carpets. Every common man of the kingdom used to have new clothes for the occasion. Buffaloes were lined up and sacrificed for the Gods to bless the occasion to be a success. Human sacrifice was also prevalent.

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