Sunday, January 10, 2010

After 37 Posts, 147 Pictures and lots of information, i am really a proud person today. This completes the Hampi series in my blog. Hampi will always be a travel destination that i will never forget. I still remember the day i travelled to Hampi on 22nd December 2007 for the first time and every place, every minute still lingers in my memory.

My planning to this trip was a meticulous and exhaustive one. It was a proper 10 day effort in which i had gone through various websites to gather information. By the end of my planning, i had a complete itinerary on hand with my own prepared route with approximate time to see each of the places. Here i would like to give due credit to the site which contains extensive information about the place. My itinerary would not have been complete without the help of the route maps provided in the site.

I had visited Hampi twice with finding something new each time. However, i had already visited almost 80% during my first visit which went on for 4 days. For an ardent art lover and historian, it will take at least 4 days to cover the whole of Hampi including the summer capital of VijayanDSC01515agar, Anegondi. However, one can cover the major portion of Hampi in two days running around and hiring an auto rickshaw. There are people who spend almost a month in this place visiting every nook and corner of the place.

If someone things that this is all that Hampi has to offer, they would be wrong. 6 kilometres from Hospet, is the Tungabhadra Dam. It is a huge one with nice gardens being set up.  The river here is huge and extremely beautiful during sunset. There is a deer park and a small Avery here. the State Government has also setup a small aquatic museum where live aquatic beings are displayed. The mDSC01523ost famous location over here is the musical fountain where the fountain sprays water in rhythm with the music played. There would be a small show everyday at 7.30 PM for 15 minutes.  People throng from all round the locality for this show.

There are other attractions also near Hampi. At a distance of 100 kilometres from Hospet is the Narihalla Dam and its backwaters called Manasa Sarovara. Here the tourists can ride water scooters and travel on spDSC02570eed boats. The way this place is also good at a high altitude. The third place is the Wonder Valley Resort, which is near to the Narihalla Dam.  This place offers stay also, one can visit this place for pleasure. There is go-carting for  fun and also one can use the swimming pool over here for as much time as they want.

As i come to the end of this series, i bid adieu to Hampi and would like to visit it again. As for the blog, watch out for my next post on Nandi Hills, a beautiful place just out of Bangalore.

--------------------------------------End of Hampi Series-----------------------------------------


VikramAdith said...

I finally got around to finishing your series, will need to consult this when I plan my trip for sure!

Deguide said...

Congrats Hari Naryan after finishing your marathon posts on Hampi, you have scaled new heights in IB travel category too.

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