Saturday, January 9, 2010

As we move from the Achyutharaya Temple towards the Kodandarama temple, we see a big tree with small pieces of cloth with some things inside tied on it. This DSC00751is a local belief that women who have some unfulfilled wishes will have to tie these clothes on to the tree they will be fulfilled. India is a country full of these kind of beliefs. 

Anyway, we reach the Kodandarama temple which looks not so significant. The temple is just near the Tungabhadra river and is on an elevated platform. The construction is recent but there should have been an earlier construction which was destroyed. The idols are made in black and are carved on one side of a giant stone. There is a speciality here.

Normally, whDSC00741en we come across any temple of Lord Rama, there is definitely an idol of Lord Hanuman. But here, bowing to Rama and beside him is Sugreeva, the monkey king. This is a one of its kind temple as we do not see Sugreeva inside a Rama temple. The belief that this area was once Sugreeva’s kingdom Kishkindha adds more weight to his presence here. There is a large open space in front of this temple and every year, the main deity of Hampi, Pampapathi (Virupaksha) is bought here in a procession and Puja is offered here at the Tungabhadra river. I has lucky enough to witness this event when i was in Hampi and this event happens only once in a year.

Right beside this temple is the Yantrodakari Anjaneya (Hanuman) tempDSC00835le. This is very small but extremely important for the locals. Many people throng from other places in India every year. The idol is black and carved on a stone. When i visited  Hampi, there was a special ceremony at this temple for installing silver eyes to the idol. It was wonderful to see the pundits chant hymns and the event occur. Just in front of this temple are a series of old Mantapas and there is a walkway just near the river. Here you can go for a coracle ferry ride on the river. Moving along, we have to walk under two huge stones to walk here. Here you come across the Hampi Swami. He is old andDSC01486 begs for a living.He is the only Swami one can find in Hampi. Walk along on this road and we will turn up on the left of the Monolithic Bull at the end of the Hampi Bazaar.

We then move towards the river on the rear of the Virupaksha Temple. We can find sane charmers here and people taking the holy dip in the river. On the other side of the river is the Virupapur Gadde. There are motor boats which take us there. After reaching Virupapur Gadde, we need to travel around 8 kilometres to reach Anegondi, the capital city of Vijayanagara Kingdom.


VikramAdith said...

How do they know it is Sugreeva?

Hari said...

@Vikram - This is a legend since generations and the priest over there tells the visitors...

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