Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watching the entrance from a distance gives us an amazing feeling that we are about to move to the past. The entrance to the fort is huge with massive walls and bastions.   DSC04306

The fort walls are constructed of massive granite stones and are still very intact. Earlier,  the fort walls were decorated with beautiful designs on brick and plaster but they all were destroyed during the invasions. A few plaques are remaining here and there. Thick bushes grew on the top of the wall and unreachable; Otherwise there is ample space for soldiers to mount them and keep and eye. The entrances to the fort used to DSC04300be protected by stone doors then and we only see the opening without the doors now.  Three protective layers ensure the protection of what was once the inner precincts and centre of power.We passed through the walls to the Swayambhu Temple.

The Swayambhu temple is a very small temple which may seem like very insignificant but it was a very important place of worship then. There is a Siva Linga inside which is said to have emerged itself from the ground. DSC04074There is a Nandi bull of 4 feet in height which sits elegantly in front of the temple. The bull is carved with nice designs on it depicting the craftsmanship of the era. There are various idols that are placed all around the temple. Some art works are also strewn here and there as you see in the picture. They are collected from other temples in the area which were razed down during the invasion.

Watching all these we feel nostalgic and reminds us of the good old days that the place had seen. It is quite sad that those masterpieces had to bear the brunt of human jealousy and greed.

To be continued…


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