Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When we reached Perantalapalli, it was around 2.30 in the afternoon and we have been given one hour to spend timDSC03423e over there. We spent some time in the river back clicking pictures and moved on within the area.

  This area is inhabited by tribes who are not fully exposed to the urban life and culture. There are many villages on the way to Paapi Kondalu which have not experienced the current culture. It will be nice if their lives are known better. Some villages experienced electricity only in the last 5 years. Perantalapalli is no exception. Only thing is that as it is a place of tourism, they would see more people.

The primary source of incomDSC03433e of these tribes is their exceptional art of preparing articles made of bamboo. They are completely hand made and nice decorative items. There are houses to flower vases on display. There is a Siva shrine at this place and the surprising thing is that the the people of the  various tribes perform the daily rituals in this shrine instead of a priest. The area outside the shrine is with rocks and it makes a nice small trek. There is a small waterfall on top of the hill and a water comes down in a small stream. You cannot hear anything but the sound of water flowing down. The ambience and sound itself is pleasure.

We spent moDSC03454re than an hour over here relaxing and taking photographs. And it was time to go back to the world we had forgotten for some hours. We were all very tired after the heavy lunch and the trek. We got back to the boat and relaxed. The excitement ran out for some time as everyone on the boat were exhausted. The programs started again at around 5. There were various games conducted and small the organizers danced for the latest numbers.

It was almost at the end of the journey when i spotted a scenery and clicked. It is without doubt, the best picture i have taken and most liked. You can sDSC03491ee that below.

It is simply a matter of a couple of years when this beautiful place vanishes off the map. The Government has come up with a 100 mts high Polavaram Project, which when constructed will submerge the entire Papi Kondalu area. All these hills and nature will be below water. Hundreds of tribes will be uprooted and rendered  homeless. This is the reason where there is huge inflow of tourists these days. So people, visit this place soon.

We spend the remaining time on the boat silently and got back to this world completing the Trip to Paapi Kondalu, definitely a journey of a lifetime.

*******************End of The Trip to Paapi Kondalu *********************


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