Saturday, October 2, 2010

Any Trip to MysoDSC04795re from Bangalore would be incomplete without this place. This trip would be memorable to my friend as he was newly wed  and was taking his wife out for the first time. And these kind of trips are total fun with friends. We all are classmates in Post Graduation and working in Bangalore. And we all attended Gopi’s wedding as i mentioned in my previous Post on Paapi Kondalu.

And here we are… planning his first trip after marriage. This trip was also an opportunity to get his wife acquainted to all of us.

All four of us went to his house early in the morDSC04822ning at 5. As always, our regular driver Maula was there with his vehicle. We all started at around 6 after nice hot “home made” tea. 

It was total relaxation once we left Bangalore. Cool breeze and nice view outside created a nice mood for the journey. We stopped mid-way to  have "”home made” breakfast again, thanks to our friend’s wife. We passed a very old bridge on the way and looking at the construction, it should have been constructed in 16th century.

DSC04971 There is one thing that makes me smile even today. There are two small villages enroute named “New York” and “California”. We do now why they were named so, but the postal addresses would of these villages would be funny.

We stopped twice midway to stretch our legs. The journey was not much eventful and we reached Shivanasamudra at around 11 AM. There is a series of long steps to the bottom and it was really hot. We slowly went down towards the water falls. DSC04837

There was not much water then as summer had just began. The landscape of the entire area was rocky and dry. There is a small pond that forms from the water that comes down.  There is ample shade near the pool and there will be vendors with soft drinks, cucumber and snacks. We relaxed for a little while and set to explore the place. We just hear the sound of water flowing down and nothing else, which is the best part of moving away from the city and this pleasant atmosphere is a must need for all our busy lives.

To be continued…


Swapna said...

kabab mein haddis :) I can't imagine my hubby tagging 3 or 4 of his friends along on our first trip, leave alone making breakfast for everyone !

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