Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This isDSC00019 my first trip to the Gods own country - Kerala. Also it the first trip with my colleagues after joining TCS. 19 of us planned the trip and there are was  nice weekend ahead of us. We hired a bus from Bangalore for the next two days. The  condition inside the bus was pathetic. The seats were enough space for us to properly sit. We had to sit in a particular position and that was the worst part of the trip.

We started at 8 PM. Soon the excitement started. We started singing, dancing and what not. People were really charged up and raring to enjoy the trip. We stopped to have diDSC00054nner at 11 PM and moved on. After dinner, it was kind of calm and quiet. Everyone was tired with the day’s work and we all slept or relaxed in calm. We were supposed to reach Munnar by 8 AM in the morning at 6 AM, we were still almost 200 kilometres  behind.

At 6 AM, we reached the state of Kerala and stopped to have some early morning Tea. The area around was beautiful and calm. It was a little cloudy and cold. The distant hills among the clouds are a nice view. We stretcDSC00084hed our legs for some time and moved on. People were again fresh and the excitement started for the day.  All along the way, we came across forests, fields, hilly areas, monkeys.

The best sceneries that i liked was the long empty road with big trees on either  side and a waterfall in the hills at a distance and clouds hovering over on top. Then i understood why Kerala is called the God’s own country. This state is truly made by God for himself to enjoy. Then there is one scene that you see everywhere and that are the DSC00114miles and miles of tea estates as if the entire tea of the world is grown here. It is indeed a great experience. We just see tea estates and hills covered with trees for almost an hour It was 12 Noon by the time we reached our place of stay. We were left with just 7 hours of time for sight seeing. We rushed to our rooms, had a bath and were ready again for the day’s tour.

Our first destination is a very famous lake in Munnar. This is one of the most visited spots. There are hills on both sides of the lake and we can see the clouds coveriDSC00184ng the top of the hills. We spent a long time over there admiring the beauty, taking pictures of each other and just relaxing.

Our next visit was to the highest point in South India, called the Top Station. This point is in the middle of a rainforest and it rains heavily and frequently over there all through the year. There are many places which will serve as view points. There is a small piece of land which is the tip of the hill and from there the view in front is  awesome. One interesting and funny thing is that we see a board over there saying that the land is for sale. We spent an hDSC00249our at that place and it started raining while we were on our way back.

We actually though rain would play spoilsport for the further planned activity for the day, but it did not. We arranged a bonfire and sang and danced around it. We had dinner and then the fun started. We pushed all the ladies to their rooms and our boozing session started. It was total fun and we knew many things about our team and people in a single night which we did not know in a year. We boozed till 3 AM in the morning and by theDSC00287 time we all woke and got ready, it was 10 AM. We then packed our bags, and set off to our trip for the second day.

To be continued…


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