Friday, October 15, 2010

After too much booze, we all got up late on the second day. But yes, we were eDSC00305xcited and looking forward for the day’s trip. We started off, had nice breakfast. There is a nice tea estate nearby where we can purchase different flavours of tea. Some of our guys went over to purchase while the rest relaxed on the empty road. The morning view of the hills is an amazing view. And as is rains frequently over there, its always cold and cloudy. 

We then started off to the Eravikulam National Park, part of the Western Ghats. Private vehicles are not allowed over there. The Forest Department runs shuttle services which take us to one location DSC00328after which we need to trek up the mountain. The one thing that we see at this pickup point is rows of vendors selling fresh carrots. Then we all took this bus and went over the mountain. This mountain is  1500 mts Above Sea Level and is always cold. And it was almost about to rain when we reached the drop point. The visibility is probably 200 meters with mist all around. It is a wonderful place to have a walk among the clouds. We started walking up the mountain and something happenedDSC00340 mid way.

It started pouring. All the excitement vanished and we were looking for a place to hide. But alas.. there was none.. We got drenched in rain inside out. After we got wet some of us decided to walk in the rain up. That was a one of its kind experience walking uphill when its raining heavily and worth trying. We went up the hill and came back. We were so wet that after coming down, we had to change our  clothes right from the inner wear.

It took more than an hour for everyone to change. We then decided to starDSC00349t our return journey. We took many pictures on our way back. We were kind of disappointed that we could not see many places. But we did not know then that the return journey would be so memorable for years to come. I will not mention all that story just not to make this post boring to others. Otherwise, that was a very funny memory to all of us and i still laugh at what happened on the return journey. 

Finally, we all got back to Bangalore thinking about the forthcoming day to work and also hoping about a next trip soon. Although there were hurdles during this journey, this will always have a special place in my trips.


Swapna said...

Oh.. i missed this.. orkut lo link choodaledu.. Munnar is my fav getaway in kerala. I can spend hours admiring the view of hills and tea estates from my resort balcony with a cup of coffee in my hand :D

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